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Upon returning to NW Indiana after a prolonged absence and taking up residence in his childhood home of Hammond, Indiana, Tom Byelick soon discovered a dearth of casual entertainment options for the 30 years-of-age and up crowd!  Tom and his “soul mate”, Michele Piskol, devised a plan of attack over what they call “coffee talk”.  While discussing an idea over percolated coffee at the quaint kitchen counter, Tom and Michele created The TOMFOOLERY Fun Club!

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times tom & michele 3The TOMFOOLERY Fun Club was created as a means to provide some unique entertainment options to those area residents who want and need fun and casual entertainment.  A unique mix of various forms of comedy (stand up, improv, musical comedy and even magic!) was developed with live music intermingled between comedy acts in order to provide an evening of superior entertainment and relaxation!  The result of their efforts is somewhat of a throwback to the classic variety shows reminiscent of offerings once provided by Carol Burnett, Dean Martin and Ed Sullivan!

With a mix of clever and creative comedy and void of much of the off-color or offensive humor offered in many urban venues, The TOMFOOLERY Show offers the very best in local, regional and national comedic talent combined with live music intended to satisfy even the most discernable music aficionado.

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Tom Byelick’s background in Corporate America prepared him well when it comes to the logistical aspects of producing a show!  TOMFOOLERY events are staged with an element of precision and timing which makes for a fulfilling audience experience.


Michele Piskol’s cutting-edge technical expertise provides a basis for much of the show’s original promotional tools featured throughout TOMFOOLERY’s web site and YouTube channel.  Michele, an educator by trade, knows how to set goals and also how to achieve them in short order!

Together, Tom and Michele collaborate on the selection of talent which defines their inspired productions!!   The TOMFOOLERY Show has staged events in small, intimate settings as well as in more expansive facilities.  Innovative and unique entertainment can be expected when joining the “Fun Club”!!

Email us at: tomfooleryfunclub@gmail.com

Watch our videos on YouTube: Tomfoolery Fun Club Channel

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