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We like to say that The TOMFOOLERY Show was born out of necessity. First, Tom needed a job! Secondly, Tom and Ms. Michele needed a fun and unique way to spend time and channel their energies. In March of 2014, The Tomfoolery Fun Club was launched! Since then, we have worked diligently to develop our brand and expand our market presence through various avenues such as our web site, social media outlets, promotional videos and so on.

At Tomfoolery Productions LLC, we have taken the steps necessary to develop the various components of our own Electronic Press Kit. To hire a social media consultant to develop even a simple web site would have been cost prohibitive, therefore we developed our own at a mere fraction of those costs through our sister company, Yes, & then.. Now it’s time to share!

We recognize a need by many talented performers to increase their visibility for the purpose of creating new professional opportunities. One way to do that is through an Electronic Press Kit. The EPK consists of a personalized web site, professional quality promotional and live performance videos, podcasts and a social media presence.

Tomfoolery Productions LLC can help the aspiring professional to develop many of the essential tools needed to obtain or increase vital exposure while NOT breaking the bank! Let us help you with:

  • Web site development / maintenance
  • Professional quality performance and promotional videos
  • Podcast creation
  • Personal Branding

Please call or email Tom or Michele for further information! (219) 595-YES2 or