Bridget DeYoung:

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The Tomfoolery Show is outstanding!  Tom and Michelle provided great entertainment for a fun filled night.  We had a huge crowd for our fundraiser and the event sold out easily.  They coordinated everything and helped the event to run smoothly working patiently with volunteers and town employees to meet all the requirements. Tom and Michelle took the lead on marketing, brochure design, planning, and management of the event.    It turned out to be a fantastic fundraiser generating thousands of dollars for the Town Theatre.   Next year we are hoping to sell out two nights!   If you want a successful fundraiser, give Tomfoolery a call.

David Mason:

dave mason

Patty and I have been to several Tomfoolery shows and have had a great time at all of them.  We have brought friends with us and the have enjoyed themselves too.   They should try to do something with the hosts (Tom & Michele) as they don’t look like they are having fun and look bored.  We would still go even If it wasn’t for the free food and drinks that Tom provides.   JUST KIDDING Tom & Michele are great even without the free stuff!!


Marybeth Sardella:

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Fun night out to enjoy top notch talent!

Teresa Mazur:

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Every show is unique! Peter and I have been attending as many shows as we are able. The musical guests are amazing! The comedy is hysterical! It wonderful to have an adult night out in a relaxed, nightclub atmosphere. This is a fun club you will be glad you joined. Tom and Michele do an amazing job of putting together talent and fun!

Kathy Kaufman:

kathy kaufman

Tom I really enjoyed the fundraiser show that you put on to raise money to save the Town Theatre!  I have enjoyed all of the shows I have attended, which are several.   You have a lot of good comedians and bands that play great music!  Thank you for the enjoyable “girls night out” with my friends!!

Dawn Diamantopoulos:


The Tomfoolery Fun Club show was a great time! Tom and Michele are extremely professional and passionate about what they do. It was very entertaining and ran smoothly. I look forward to going again and again!

David Tapper:

david tapper

Tomfoolery with friends…priceless!

Sean Shuster:

sean shuster

Tomfoolery, at both Rodney’s and Cheers, was hilarious!  Can’t wait to have more fun at all of the upcoming shows!

Sandra Guerrero:

sandra guerrero

I love spontaneous Fun!  The show kept me laughing so did the audience! I love the idea of entertainment ~Drinks~Dinner-and Laughter! We’ll go again!

Nancy Doyle:

nancy doyle

It was great fun and plan to go to the show at the Hammond Marina in August!